Aaron Peterson

Peterson, Aaron H photo

Aaron Peterson


9-12 Science Teacher


Attended Valentine Rural Schools in grades K-12
Graduated High School in 1992

Attended college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney
Graduated with B.S. degree in spring of 1996
Obtained Comprehensive Biology degree

Graduated in fall of 1998 with teaching endorsements in 7-12 Biology and Chemistry


In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, writing, watching movies, and
hunting for dinosaurs (seriously, play Jurassic World Alive. It is addictive).


I was born in Omaha in June of 1973 and then moved to Valentine when I was three. I spent six
and a half years in Kearney. I lived in Hebron for the next 16 years or so before my family

moved to Bruning.


My Bruning family consists of my wife, Amy, and our two children, Asher and Aeryn. Asher
just started 4-year old preschool and Aeryn turned one over the summer. I am fairly certain that
Asher is going to be some sort of broadcaster or entertainer due to his fondness for continually
verbalizing his thoughts. Aeryn is probably going to be on American Ninja Warrior.


Freshman Class Sponsor


Sitis Inversus(Organs are Backwards) and Color Blind

I’m Batman

“You Like Star Wars or You are Wrong”

“I Can Pop Wheelies on Unicycles”